Friday Ephemera
Batman Bites Back

Vanity Publishing

One of yesterday's Ephemera items warrants a closer look. Rotterdam-based Bert Simons makes things - strange and wonderful things. Usually, though not always, out of paper. Perhaps his most arresting project is the Paper Clone, which is described as an attempt to make amends for failing to "arrange some kids."

Bert_and_clone  Bert_in_progress  Bert_in_progress_2   

Bert is, understandably, "quite pleased" with the result: "It is a good therapy too... I even got used to my bald spot."  However, what began as an ingenious solution to childlessness and issues of hair loss has now taken on slightly megalomaniacal overtones. By clicking here admirers can download a pdf file and print out over 100 components to construct their own personal Bert. A high-quality colour printer will be needed and 80gsm paper is preferred. Some cutting and glueing will be required. "My presence isn't restricted to my personal whereabouts anymore. Have me around wherever you are!"

Bert hopes to have a gallery of clones "built by people all over the world."

By all means, fund my vanity.