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April 04, 2007


Fabian Tassano

The full text of The Human Evasion is online at deoxy.org:


I'm - obviously - a huge fan of the book which I think is one of the most extraordinary things ever written. Reading it somehow causes a very strange (and unique in my experience) sensation. Though funnily enough, some people get it and others just seem not to.

I think the writer R H Ward (another neglected talent) put it rather well when he said: "Anyone who reads this book must be prepared to be profoundly disturbed, upset and in fact looking-glassed; which will be greatly to his advantage, if he can stand it."

Marcus Barefoot

You rant against Po-Mo but like Celia Green?
A sample from her blog:
"So I had been cheated out of everything that could make my life worth living and thrown out without a Professorship or an institutional (hotel) environment, with no tolerable way of earning money, nor with any claim on ‘social security’ when I had no money."
"The money was not enough to provide for much of a hotel environment, but I spent as much of it as I could on part-time cooks, cleaners, etc., and began to gain experience of the difficulties of getting anyone to do anything useful in the modern world."
A classic lefty!

David Thompson


I’m not entirely sure what your point is, or who you regard as a “classic lefty.”

Strictly speaking, I expressed a liking for the book, not its author, or every comment made on her blog. And I’m not sure how you manage to fathom some implied contradiction between my views – sorry, rants - on PoMo politics (which are, I think, explained and substantiated in some detail) and the domestic affairs of an author who isn’t mentioned in any of those arguments.

Perhaps I’m missing something. One of us is, apparently.

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