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April 12, 2007


KB Player

If I hear the words "perfect unified collective will" I start thinking Nuremberg rally. May Day Parade. Or possibly lynch mob. They are terrifying words.

David Thompson

Well, it is a pretty creepy idea, and I struggle to find the appeal. I suppose Foucault’s profound lack of realism, combined with leanings towards Communism and a taste for rough and burly guys, somehow made Islamic fanaticism irresistible. Seductive, even. When I wrote the post above, I toyed with adding the words “titillated by evil”, but I guess that’s fairly implicit.

I still find it extraordinary that so many on the left threw themselves behind an essentially trivial and self-loathing narcissist – one who shaved his head for effect, and threw stones at police, again for effect, and who blathered facile word games about “transgression” and “subjection.” It’s even more extraordinary that quite a few people (generally schooled in such blatherings at an impressionable age) still struggle to defend him as a credible, serious figure and bearer of great knowledge.

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