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Friday Ephemera

BT courtesy call goes horribly, horribly wrong. // Tokyoplastic’s bizarre promo video for Zune. Things blink. Buttocks clench. Download here. It’s worth it. // For funksters of a certain age, old school hip-hop flyers. “Jazzy Jay and a Catholic High School Throwdown!” // The golden age of romance comics. An emotional rollercoaster. // Objects of desire: Japanese sake bottles. (H/T, OnePlusOneEqualsThree) // Norman Geras on a lust for ladies’ shoes. “Abd-el-Gowd targeted well-shod women in London, in most cases getting away with a single shoe, but once making off with a pair.” // When girls fight crime. // Spot the subliminal message. // Just in case you missed it. // How to protect your secret identity. Be sure to wait for the end. // 60,000 years of human history, compressed somewhat. // The history of Tupperware. Boxed in Tupperware, naturally. // Magnetic levitation in action. Behold the maglev frog. Works on strawberries, too. // Still a magnificent beast, the SR-71. // Sonic boom made visible. // More visible booming here. // Richard Dawkins on postmodern flummery and the bamboozling of readers. “Clarity would expose a lack of content.” Amen, brother. // Sam Harris talks to evangelist Rick Warren; encounters evasion, incoherence, dishonesty, bonkersdom. (H/T, B&W) // Staggering Hypocrisy at Guardian Shock. “Do you like money?” More here. // Duncan Wilson’s post-it note wallpaper. // Zubbles. Like bubbles, but coloured. // Juggling. Like throwing, but better. // Jean Cocteau gets lively with the Dan Parrish Orchestra, La Toison d’Or. (1929)



A note on the juggling video: Jason Garfield is sending up a performance by Chris Bliss recorded here:

The soundtrack, including the applause, is lifted from it. Garfield is doing the routine with five balls instead of Bliss's three, all the while aping Bliss's little mannerisms like the shrugs and the puppy-faces. It establishes that Garfield is twice the juggler, but half the performer, and kind of a dick to boot.

David Thompson


Thanks for the background. Though, given Garfield’s obvious skills, I think we should forgive a little dickery.

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