Greatest Hits, Sort Of
Peddling Stupidity

Friday Ephemera

BT courtesy call goes horribly, horribly wrong. // Tokyoplastic’s bizarre promo video for Zune. Things blink. Buttocks clench. Download here. It’s worth it. // For funksters of a certain age, old school hip-hop flyers. “Jazzy Jay and a Catholic High School Throwdown!” // The golden age of romance comics. An emotional rollercoaster. // Objects of desire: Japanese sake bottles. (H/T, OnePlusOneEqualsThree) // Norman Geras on a lust for ladies’ shoes. “Abd-el-Gowd targeted well-shod women in London, in most cases getting away with a single shoe, but once making off with a pair.” // When girls fight crime. // Spot the subliminal message. // Just in case you missed it. // How to protect your secret identity. Be sure to wait for the end. // 60,000 years of human history, compressed somewhat. // The history of Tupperware. Boxed in Tupperware, naturally. // Magnetic levitation in action. Behold the maglev frog. Works on strawberries, too. // Still a magnificent beast, the SR-71. // Sonic boom made visible. // More visible booming here. // Richard Dawkins on postmodern flummery and the bamboozling of readers. “Clarity would expose a lack of content.” Amen, brother. // Sam Harris talks to evangelist Rick Warren; encounters evasion, incoherence, dishonesty, bonkersdom. (H/T, B&W) // Staggering Hypocrisy at Guardian Shock. “Do you like money?” More here. // Duncan Wilson’s post-it note wallpaper. // Zubbles. Like bubbles, but coloured. // Juggling. Like throwing, but better. // Jean Cocteau gets lively with the Dan Parrish Orchestra, La Toison d’Or. (1929)