Greatest Hits, Sort Of

Logos of a Bygone Age

Andrew Wiseman’s Television Room hosts an archive of restored TV logos and station idents, spanning 1936 to the present day. It’s ideal for students of TV history, nostalgia buffs and those with an ironic appreciation of tat from simpler times. Fans of the subject can savour the fascistic overtones of the early BBC and stare in awe at Harlech TV’s monstrous Op-Art mayhem. Others can thrill to the arrival of colour, experiments with tartan, and Kenny Everett's enormous breasts rising from the Thames. The site also hosts a collection of vintage test cards and clocks that we, as loyal viewers, have come to know and love.

Bbc_logo  Anglia_tv  Thames_kenny_everett  Bbc_1985

For more, see Transdiffusion and the Harlech House of Graphics.