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May 14, 2007



This really is the very worst kind of racism. The idea that brown skinned people need protecting from 'hurt feelings'. I doubt whether the majority of muslims would agree, the 'hurt feelings' existing mostly in the imagination of the, no doubt mostly white, disiplinary panel.

Can the decision not be appealed against or subject to judicial review? A legal challenge might be the only way to defend free speech.


It wasn't awareness. It was promotion of a religion partly using American taxpayers money. This is not a legal use for taxpayers money in the USA.

I hope a state taxpayer sues the gits for breaking the law.

nobody important

Tufts University is a private institution, so there is no recourse to law. The free speech guarantee of First Amendment to the US Constitution doesn't apply here; Tufts can, if it chooses, stifle free debate. However, in doing so, it violates its own stated values, thus opening itself to charges of hypocrisy.

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