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Via 1+1=3, How Mouse Clicks and Cursors Work. // An ambitious summer project: How to Destroy the Earth. // Live power line maintenance. Guy hangs from helicopter in Faraday suit, climbs along live cables. // Diving tigers. (H/T, Ace.) // The Man Amplifier. // The Bionic Woman. // Look lovelier down there. // Via 1+1=3, Maps of the Cold War: “Europe from Moscow”  and “Asia from Irkutsk.” (1952) // Jen Stark’s paper sculptures and animations. // “100 Girls and 100 Octopuses.” Art, not tentacle porn. Painting assembled from 98 smaller paintings. Click to disassemble or enlarge the whole thing. // When the Milky Way collides with Andromeda. Fate of Sun “uncertain.” Simulation here. // Christopher Hitchens says goodbye to Jerry Falwell. More here. // Iran’s crackdown on “slack dressing” continues. Fifty “badly-veiled” women stopped by Iranian airport police. 17,000 women warned to “respect Islamic dress codes.” // Four Iranian students criticise “modesty” crackdown, question infallibility of Muhammad. Jail sentence beckons. (H/T, B&W.) // The Entity. Someone call Mr Garrison. // When hippies attack. Crowd of eco-hippies block road, intimidate elderly couple in van. Bikes get crushed, tears ensue, victimhood is claimed. Protestors’ version of events quite bizarre. // A narrow escape. (Scroll down after reading.) // Something French, methinks. Boum.



David, I love this blog and it's been part of my routine ever since Daily Ablution linked to it on the Carolyn Guertin idiocy. There is one technical problem though which I have never had reading any other blog: Every time I load the main page, Windows asks me not just once but twice whether it is OK to run Activex controls. This is annoying. I think this has been happening ever since the Human Skateboard posting, whose video by the way I could not see. I do have Quicktime installed. Anyone else having this problem or know a cure?



I’ve loaded the site on five or six different machines without any trouble. I’m guessing you need to review your browser’s security settings. Go to Tools / Internet options / Security, and check that automatic prompting for ActiveX controls is set to disable. I’m afraid that’s pretty much the limit of my technical expertise. Hope it’s of some help.

P.S. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. By all means spread the word to friends, colleagues and random passers-by, and if possible direct their attention to one of the PayPal buttons.



Download FireFox and the NoScript Add on.

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