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May 23, 2007



I saw one of these at SIGGRAPH. It's rather amazing, and the video doesn't even do the coolness justice.

Francis Sedgemore

Nice. I might make ferrofluids the subject of my next 'feature article' (only 650 words!) for Nanomaterials News. It's an interesting subject, with many practical applications.


I might make ferrofluids the subject of my next attempt to take over the world. That is, I hope, a practical application.

Francis Sedgemore

I always had my doubts about you, David.


There’s nothing to worry about. No, really. Mine will be a benign rule. Firm, but benign. I shall smile upon my people from a throne made of my enemies’ bones.

Francis Sedgemore

How many failed attempts so far?


There’ll be none of that kind of talk under my firm but benign rule.

Francis Sedgemore

I suggest a decade as Chancellor of the Exchequer before going for the big one. Your current impetuousness could easily get the better of you.


I can see my first official duty will be to smite the unbelievers.


It reminds me vaguely of the semi-sentient planet in Solaris. The novel, not the movie.

Francis Sedgemore

Semi-sentient? Sounds like Earth.

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