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May 09, 2007



Stardust the Super Wizard is so bad it's good. A team-up immediately came to mind: Herbie, the Fat Fury. But what villain could possibly oppose the combined might two such titans?

I'd be curious about some of the less well known comics you've run across that were actually good. A couple that I liked were the Elementals, and Evangeline.



Clearly, Lepus the Fiend would be no match for our heroes.


I haven’t been reading much that’s particularly obscure lately. Simone Lia’s “Fluffy” is very charming, in a postmodern whimsy sort of way. Chris Ware’s “Acme Novelty Library” #17 is mighty fine. Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s “Astonishing X-Men” series is still good, as is Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s “We3” and “All-Star Superman” series.


Fletcher Hanks is regaining (regaining? did he ever achieve it?) prominence because he doesn't play by comic book "rules;" he plays by the meta-rules. Fletcher Hanks' strips reveal the excrement, the messy biology, of the American cultural body. Ignorance, paranoia, megalomania, blood-lust - this is what lies beneath the spandex. Superman is the super-ego; Stardust, the id.

(What's even scarier is I'm serious.)

Paul Karasik

Sorry...no eyebrows need be raised. Hanks work is good, solid storytelling (much more direct and comprehensible than most of today's tripe). It is also quite graphically beautiful.

If you are unfamiliar with it, I urge you to go to my website, go tothe BONUS page and see the slideshow of a Fantomah story that does NOT appear in the book, "I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!"


Diego Maya

A friend said to me that my comics remembered to him those of fletcher hanks.he came to visit today and I give the book to me. it is remarkable!

invierta proyectos

Love comics!!! nice blog

sackcloth and ashes

There are some other examples of barking-mad comic strips worth mentioning:


But this is an absolutely fantastic piece of madness from Fletcher Hanks:


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