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Friday Ephemera

Joi Lansing is trapped in the web of love. Bird cages, cannibalism and a switched-on blonde. // If the volume of crap in your inbox has dropped recently, this could be why. “Soloway could face decades in prison.” Being punched, one hopes. // The world’s, erm, greatest album covers. Bow ties, bikinis, sweater girls. (H/T, Warren Ellis.) // Via Bloody Scott, the rules and history of Victimhood Poker. // Flags of the world by colour usage. Guess, then click. (H/T, Coudal.) // Sketchfighter! Blast those ladybugs to atoms. // Venture. The plug-in 3-wheel tilting hybrid. Did I mention it tilts? // Pop-up pulp dioramas. Cowboys, detectives, sirens and boxers. // 70’s shoe designs. Pop art platforms, 11-inch heels. // Platform footwear of the 1600s. // The virtual shoe museum. // The time fountain. Strobes pulse, causality defied. More here. // The Moon and Saturn. An illusion of proximity. // Robert Spencer on America’s “tiny minority” of 300,000 people. // World history. All of it, just about. // The evolution of speech balloons. From 300AD to the 20th century. // The Acme Catapult. Hurls fridges, cookers, dryers, most large appliances. // Jacket cuff lights. Find keyholes, fight crime, look dramatic. You know you want them. // If apes could jive.