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June 26, 2007



That was clear and unambigous. That man deserves to be knighted for his honesty alone.

Matt M

What's really annoyed me about this whole thing - aside from the death threats and apologists for those making death threats, obviously - is the number of commentators who feel the need to make sweeping pronouncements on Rushdie's literary ability - usually of a dismissive nature. As though the quality of his writing, and what politician X thinks of it, is the REAL issue in all this. It often comes across as a cheap way of criticising him without appearing to side with murderous fuckwits.


I'd also recommend this interview (video) in the post here (worth an hour or so of your time)



Ah, there you are. We thought you’d gone exploring foreign parts. But, yes, the fixation with Rushdie’s literary merits (or lack thereof) is rather beside the point. As I understand it, the knighthood was largely in recognition of his work encouraging writers in the developing world, most notably in matters of suppression and censorship. But fretting about literary merit is a wonderful way to ignore the issue Rushdie has raised and come to symbolise.


Thanks for the link.

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