Bunting, Wrong Again
An Adversarial Relationship



The singer comes off like a cross between Cesar Romero and Little Richard. The whole thing has a strong Adam West vibe -- not just the masks but the men's jackets and the indo-european attempts at being funky.


That’s Mohammed Rafi, I believe. The suit, the mask, those moves – what a guy. And the remarkable woman with the vibrating head is, I think, Laxmi Chhaya. Holy freakout, Batman.


That's not Mohammad Rafi in the Ghost World clip. It's taken from a movie called 'Gumnaam' which was a murder mystery thriller from the 1960s


The groovy actor singing is I think Manoj Kumar. Mohammad Rafi was just the playback singer. In Hindi cinema playback singers are massive stars and revered themselves, but their songs are always lipsynched by the hero or heroine.

The 1960s and 1970s Bollywood era are full of sweetly groovy songs like that, but since the 1980s Hindi cinema has lost all class and became full of tacky saccharine camp kitsch. These days they ape MTV videos and the cool-as-fuck style has gone.


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