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Friday Ephemera

Vatican: the board game. “Historically accurate… the ideal gift.” (H/T, Dan Collins.) // How to hide. // The flying car. “The ultimate off-road vehicle.” With video. More. // Via 1+1=3, stamps featuring UFOs. // Strange goings-on in the woods. // Stephen Law on an improbable universeMore. // Nick Cohen on unmentionable bad guys. “Even though it's the truth, on screen it might appear bigoted and jingoistic.” // Dan Collins on BBC bias. “This ignorance of the realities… enabled us to occupy the moral high ground.” // Via Coudal, Gerard Maynard’s Harlem panorama. // The aerodynamic umbrella. “Resists storms up to wind force 10.” // Stairs. // Spiders drugged with caffeine, cannabis, LSD. // Beer festival calendar. Drink globally, quite often. // Blade Runner: The Final Cut. // Via Bedazzled, B-movie trailers from hell. // Franzl Lang. He yodels. (H/T, Vitruvius.) // Screensaver shows global blog activity in real time, more or less. // The Fantastic in Art & Fiction. Strange spaces, peculiar happenings. // Aurora, seen from space. // 1.18.08. Be afraid. // No, fear not, here’s the Japanese It’s Alright Song.