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Friday Ephemera

Starling flying formations. (H/T, Mick Hartley.) // Horizontal rainbow over Oregon. The circumhorizontal arc or ‘fire rainbow’. // Unfortunate juxtapositions. (H/T, Maggie’s Farm.) // Fully jointed plastic men. 38 points of articulation, choice of colour and “neck style”, but no genitalia. // Vagina: the dance performance. // The London Breakbeat Orchestra. (H/T, Martin.) // Andrej Belic’s scuba photography. // Chinese urinals. (H/T, Small Dead Animals.) // Harry Potter and the Great Zionist Conspiracy. // Hitchens on Galloway. “I would, I told him, be waiting to write a review of his prison diaries.” // The Museum of Communism, Prague. // Communism FAQ. // 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord. On ventilation ducts, self-destruct buttons and not using devices with digital countdowns. (H/T, The Thin Man.) // The Encyclopaedia of Life. // God smites man selling religious literature. // Toypography. English into kanji. You know, for kids. (H/T, EyeTeeth.) // Rice paddy art. // More bad sci-fi physics. From War of the Worlds to Superman Returns. // Peanut business cards. More. // Via Coudal, an illustrated history of the American supermarket. // Afri-Cola! (1968) Nuns, hippies, caffeine mayhem. More. // Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Lee Marvin.



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Wii Game: The Endless Ocean


Yes, but where are the giant robots? Every game should have them, surely? Sorry, I saw Transformers last week and my ears are still ringing.


By your command


That’s the stuff. And with a nod to Spielberg’s War of the Worlds too. Flee, puny humans. BZZT.


Hi David, I just finished updating my Video Archives at the Sagacious Iconoclast, where you may find some interesting selections for future Ephemera:

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