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August 28, 2007



Thanks for the link to Kimball's essay, David. It points out some of the gravy stains on Foucault's expensive threads.

I clicked on your related links and stumbled upon my long-winded comment (like, Vetruvius, I, too, can erupt!).

In my comment I practice what I think may be an antidote to PoMo indoctrination: I attempt to use PoMo methodology to deconstruct critically a statist enterprise.

I injected that comment within the context of your critique of Post Modernism because I believe the political aims of deconstuctionists are largely crypto-Marxist, and, that the statist constructs they favor cannot withstand their own deconstruction-ist tactics.

In other words, the Left's word-games cut both ways. We just have to flip the knife around and slice back!

Thanks again for your forum, David. Keep it up!


How can you say that PoMo is backdoor Marxism. Have you read any Marx? PoMo is antithetical to much of Marx's thinking. PoMo hates "grand narratives" - and they don't get any grander than Marx's view of history as class struggle. Also, Marx was NOT a cultural relativist. He welcomed European Imperialism as a necessary first step on the road to modernizing non-western societies.

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