Satan’s Hair Gel

Friday Ephemera

The museum of mid-20th century illustration. Spacemen, sweater girls, and bacon dogs too. // Singing Science. Includes What is Gravity?, It’s a Scientific Fact and other stirring ditties. (Circa 1950s) // Pooh in Russian. // Russian metro art. Posters, stamps, matchbooks. // Vintage cigarette ads. “Guard against throat scratch.” // Women in art. 500 years in under three minutes. More. (H/T, Stephen Hicks.) // MTV interlude. Floating leafy giraffes. More. // Via Chastity Darling, ZoomQuilt 2. // The complete Calvin & Hobbes. 1985-1995. // 25 Calvin & Hobbes highlights. // Batman onomatopoeia. // Robin looks on, shocked. // Hayek’s Road to Serfdom in cartoon form, circa 1950. (H/T, The Thin Man.) // Found grocery lists. Hundreds of them. // Jeff Lieberman’s levitating light bulb. Movie. // Landsat-7 satellite images. Geology seen from space. // Alien and salad. Together at last. More. // William Burroughs book covers. // Bosch. // How to hack slow motion in QuickTime Pro. // How to brew beer in a coffee pot. (H/T, Coudal.) // A chronology of mathematics. // A gallery of vintage calculators. // Woman bends down. House explodes. // And Carole King is sad.