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A Fear of Seeming

Friday Ephemera

The Shimafuji 2” cube PC. // The properties of cone snail venom. Cone snail venom in action. // SeaPhantom. “Helicopter speed. Powerboat price.” // Flying car, sort of. (H/T, Dr Westerhaus.) // Perry Mason book covers. // Perry Mason title sequence, from The Case of the Negligent Nymph. (H/T, Vitruvius.) // Perry Mason board game. More. Instructions. // How to catch a cold. (1951) // What to do on a date. (1951) // Personal ads in China. (H/T, Instapundit.) // Via Coconut Jam, paper condom envelopes of the 30s and 40s. // Beautiful specimens. (H/T, Coudal.) // Iran closes “un-Islamic” barber shops. “Police say barbers should not pluck customers’ eyebrows.” // Theodore Dalrymple on percentages, fear and self-inflicted misery. “Unemployment and lower levels of educational achievement have much to do with the ideas of Muslim immigrants themselves.” // The perils of “affirmative action.” // Soy sauce and ice cream, together at last. // Ice cream flavours from around the world. Octopus, spinach and ox tongue. // Geographical Rubik Cube. // Calculate pi in hyperspace. You know you want to. // Enormous hole found in Universe. “The void is nearly one billion light years across.” (H/T, An Insomniac.) // Tunnel House. More. // Bedside table. Ideal for greeting uninvited guests. // How to be a cult leader. “Join us and be special.” (H/T, Vitruvius.) // Frank says something stupid.