Very Impaired

Friday Ephemera

Bloxorz. One block, one hole, 33 levels. // Via Infosthetics, the science of boomerangs. // The secret of invisibility. “Walk unseen among people or crowds.” $19.95 // 1” cube wooden speakers. 1.5 Watts. // Mirin Dajo, human pincushion. (1947) More. // Di-positronium and the gamma ray annihilation laser. More. // Make your own Moon surface. Some explosives required. (H/T, Coudal.) // Washing hair in zero gravity. // Guess who. (H/T, Artblog.) // Via Denis Dutton, astronomy and empire. A mutual history. (mp3) // Jeff Goldstein on “negotiating” with al-Qaeda. Live and let live meets live as we say. // Ehsan Jami and the Committee of Ex-Muslims. “We no longer tolerate the intolerance of Islam.” Jami says Muslims should be free to leave Islam without being killed. Death threats ensue. More. // Abrogation in Islam. Mecca versus Medina; how the monstrous is made legitimate. // The power of prayer. // The power of Hubble. (H/T, Stephen Hicks.) // TV’s best (and most improbable) science fiction makeover. Much better than this old tosh. // On pregnancy payouts. // 1939 New York World’s Fair. Adverts, postcards, visions of tomorrow. // The Castle House Tower. Eco-building chic. More. // Tokyo skyline time-lapse. 35 years in 20 seconds. (H/T, AntiCitizenOne.) // Case Study: LSD Woman talks to protesting hotdog. Things turn ugly. (1969) // Via The Thin Man, Doris takes a different kind of trip.