Sand and Cheese

Friday Ephemera

Facial prosthetics. Clip-on ears, noses, jaws. // Armless man fells love rival. Like, totally. (H/T, Ace.) // 10 strange astronomical sights. // Solar movies. Flares, filaments, mass ejections. // Via Coudal, Jellyfish Lake. // Seizure-inducing bathtub. $26,000. // Capri bling. // Crash test your car online. // Verdi and Plasticine. // How to untangle headphone cable. Requires cat food, one cat, 24 hours. // Air Mouse. It’s a mouse. It’s a remote. It’s an object to fondle. // The Chrysler Building. More. // Via 1+1=3, the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur. // “With concentration, my size increased.” // Archive of Flash Gordon radio shows. (1935) // Return of the diabolical earthquake machine. // The complete illustrated catalogue of Acme products. From earthquake pills and super-speed vitamins to jet-propelled pogo sticks. Essential for coyotes. // Let’s Make a Sandwich. (1950) In collaboration with the American Gas Association. // Via Artblog, World Juggling Federation Championships 2004/5. // The Museum of Hoaxes. // Air Guitar Champion 2007, Ochi Yosuke. // Statue of Frank Zappa, Vilnius, Lithuania. // Zappa linksfest. (For Dr W.) // Deogolwulf on the wisdom of Richard Rorty, again. // Norman Geras on the unspeakable sorrows of Madeleine Bunting. She feels our pain. // Dispatches: Unholy War. Islam, apostasy and punishment. // And, via The Thin Man, Doris wields the lash. K-tssh.