A Collision of Idiocies

Evil Schemes, Thwarted

Brace yourselves, aesthetes. Via Marble River comes the mind-shattering return of the Ed Wood of comics, Mr Fletcher Hanks. A complete, and bewildering, adventure, first published in Fantastic Comics #1, December 1939, can be found here. “The Brain wants all Earth people destroyed.” And Dianna’s space belt won’t work.

Space_smith_fletcher_hanks Space_smith_fletcher_hanks_2 Space_smith_fletcher_hanks_3 Space_smith_fletcher_hanks_4

More of Hanks’ unhinged dramas here and here.

The Fletcher Hanks anthology, I Shall Destroy All the Civilised Planets, can be ordered via Amazon and Fantagraphics. (H/T, Journalista!)