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November 30, 2007


Matt M

OT, but thought (given your recent cold) you'd be interested:

"On average the normal nose produces 240 millilitres (about a cupful) of mucus every day. During a cold there is additional flow. Most of the mucus produced normally flows down the throat, and gets recycled within the body. During infection the nasal passage becomes constricted and therefore the inward passage of mucus is obstructed and it flows out through the nostrils."



See, *that’s* why I enable comments. That one should win a prize. Though I have to say, I question the piffling quantities mentioned in the piece. I remember rather a lot of “additional flow.”

Incidentally, it seems that Muhammad the bear, linked above - the sale of which was to help fund the Prisoners Abroad charity - has been removed by eBay.



A cup full? Do they have a separate measure for children? 240 mil would not seem to hold the healthy 'flow' of a child for one hour! It is rather cold here which could explain the abundance with which I have been blessed this morning. If the average is 240mil, please tell me there is a sniffling maximum somewhere in sight, or is the flow truly as unlimited? oh, the sticky, crusty, dripping horror of it all!

I note that the Bear named Mohammed has been pulled from auction by the sensitive folks at e-bay.


Perhaps you could sell the, er, surplus to some medical research programme? I’m sure there’s a paper to be written on prodigious production of said substance. Or maybe it has other commercial applications, as a preservative for antique furniture, for instance? Or for getting gum out of hair?

See? Now you’ve gone and lowered the tone. Tsk.


I'm thinking it could be sculpted into something truly magnificent. A replacement for the dated wax sculpture perhaps? Ahhh, the tone can't be helped I'm afraid. At least I've refrained from burdening you with the nasty details, or cursing my current lot in life.


“I’m thinking it could be sculpted into something truly magnificent.”

I fear it’s been done by the late installation artist, Jason Rhoades:

“I watched Rhoades talking about a small piece of the installation that he defined as a ‘snot sculpture.’ The work as a whole, he said, was ‘about glands,’ and of his snot sculpture, he said it captured ‘the ephemeralness [sic] of snot.... When you're a kid, you think you’re going to run out.’”


Alas, I can’t find a picture of the item in question. But I’m sure it was a triumph.

“At least I’ve refrained from burdening you with the nasty details, or cursing my current lot in life.”

If people start grumbling about their various aches, pains and skin conditions, I’m going to make a cup of tea.

Matt M

I try to be helpful and informative and where does it end up... snot sculptures.

I'm disgusted. And a little intrigued. But mainly disgusted.

Matt M

"I’m going to make a cup of tea."

Make sure it's a clean cup.

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