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December 04, 2007



Those who think that the earths climate is more affected by a change of 0.01% in the composition of the atmosphere rather than the solar variance won't like this APOTD


Matt M

Jetpacks - pah! I want my flying monkeys. Why hasn't science gotten round to the flying monkeys yet?


As I recall, Charlton Heston gets shot into space, has technical difficulties of some sort, then discovers apes have taken over the planet. So, in fairness, it sort of balances out.

Matt M

I s'pose.

Plus, POTA did give us this:



Re your craving for flying monkeys, if I remember correctly Pierre Boulle’s novel had the apes with flying machines of some kind. If you drop by on Friday, I’ll be sharing more on Planet of the Apes. More than a sane person could possibly want to know.


That's my Friday taken care of.


Got one for the boys at Xmas:


Matt M

Didn't the main characters turn out to be apes, or something like that, in the book? Unfortunately I read it around the same time that I saw Tim Burton's remake - so the two have become annoyingly entwined in my mind.


I read it as a teenager and I forget most of it. Doesn’t the couple at the start of the book turn out to be two apes? I actually think the original film is much better than Boulle’s novel, which doesn’t have the important Charlton Heston finale and, if memory serves, mostly takes place on a different planet.

Matt M

I don't remember it being a great book, and it certainly doesn't come close to matching the film.

"I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-a to chimpan-z."

Oh no, wait... sorry, wrong version.


Don’t make me call security. The new chaps are even burlier.

Matt M

Looks like they might be busy over on the Roach Motel post...


Sweet sandals of Allah. Is it so difficult to press ‘post’ just once?

[ Sounds of muttering as delete button is pushed repeatedly. ]

Matt M

'Post' *and* enter that spam-catching code thing. Or am I the only one who gets that?


Yeah, the Captcha software was installed just to inconvenience you. I’m thinking of having it made fiendishly difficult, with questions on Hebrew and trigonometry. That should class the place up a bit.

Matt M

It's not as bad as when Blogger decided that my entire blog was probably spam and asked me to demonstrate that I was actually human. There's nothing quite as disheartening as being compared to those people with an unhealthy interest in the size of my manhood and my performance in bed. (Both of which have significantly improved since I started Mattican... yours for only $120.99!)

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