Root Causes, Then and Now

Friday Ephemera

The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman. Jump to 5 minutes in. Wait for the Batmobile. And the Scooby Snacks. // “Real life superpowers.” Lion taming, mental feats, alarming dislocation. // Comic strips of the 1930s. // Lichtenstein deconstructed. // The pyramids. (h/t, Maggie’s Farm.) // Earth’s mightiest rollercoasters. // The thermochromic toilet seat. “The object retains the heat memory of a previous user and displays it as a visual marker for the next user to assess.” (h/t, Coudal.) // The Asian squat. And how to do it. // Solar flare, flaring. April 21, 2002. (mpg) // The Milky Way in motion. (h/t, Centripetal Notion.) // Elementary astronomy, circa 1876. (h/t, Coudal.) // Medieval cookery. From candied horseradish to venison custarde. // The museum of air sickness bags. (h/t, 1+1=3.) // Airship hangers we have known and loved. // A directory of Japanese sound effects. // Outlandish loudspeakers. // Stapling machine. // End papers. (h/t, Drawn!) // John W Campbell’s Who Goes There? (1938) A little science fiction chiller. // And, via The Thin Man, a warming winter ditty.



Little Batman - LOL


It’s a labour of love. Or a sure sign of madness.

Squid Vicious

If I knew where to buy my kid that batmobile, I would take out a second mortgage just to do it.

Also, I actually live right near airship hangar #2 at Moffett field. It's awesomely huge, and I understand someone wants to use it to do blimp tours of Napa Valley. This being the Bay Area, I'm sure the local bureaucrats will find some reason to object in their bed-wetting, hand-wringing, crybaby way.



“If I knew where to buy my kid that batmobile, I would take out a second mortgage just to do it.”

Yes, it’s a tempting purchase. But then there’s the whole subterranean headquarters to kit out, the endless crime-fighting gadgetry, the helicopter, the speedboat… And the insurance premiums in Gotham are through the roof.

Still, at least nobody’s mentioned the thermochromic toilet seat.

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