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January 27, 2008


The Thin Man

I have also uploaded the first episode of "The World At War" to my Veoh account. "A New Germany 1933 - 1939"


is an extemely good presentation of the years leading up to the war.

As one of the speakers says, "What did he promise? Work and bread for the masses. Nowadays in our prosperous society it doesn't sound like much, but then..... it sounded like a promise of paradise".

The Thin Man

Part Two of "A New Germany" is here....


"But now they saw no hope of a rising against him. They were left with the moral question, should one resist a tyranny without hope of success?"


Thirty-five years later, it remains a remarkable series.


I have the series on DVD. staggering in its implications.

the producers took great pains to get to the core of each episode, interviewing participants at all levels of authority from both sides of the conflict.

a must see.

Q: which european country post 1939 outside of germany/austria sent the highest per capita enlistment to the wermacht?

A: holland. yup, holland. frightening the lure naziism represented.


"distressing" -- The opening sequence, the combination of music and images, has always put me in a dark place.

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