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January 28, 2008



What worries me is the narration at the end. These people who could not run their own paper are now in senior positions. One of them chief editor for several papers and the other one head of documentaries for BBC. Still spreading their stupid, lack of results left wing bias. In the case of the chap at the BBC at the tax payers expense. The joke is still on us I'm afraid.

kevin of southbank

Another expose site is at http://www.slanderyou2.blogspot.com


I had to wipe away tears of laughter when Hayling, a key architect of this disaster, said, “Clearly we weren’t trapped in a leftwing bubble.” Self-awareness is not, it seems, his strong suit.

If you watch the whole series, which I recommend, what catches the eye are the former “revolutionaries” who don’t seem to grasp how what they wanted so passionately, and perhaps still want, was not only doomed by its own ideology, but was morally reprehensible. Do the self-regarding little pseuds who wanted to “smash capitalism” and “remake society” comprehend exactly what that would have entailed, and who it would have harmed? And do they care? Perhaps that’s another documentary to be made.


http://bbcpioneers.blogspot.com/ records the revolving door between extortion funded entertainment and leftwing parties.

P.S. You also got a linky from Tim Blair!


Yes, the traffic stats are heaving. I may have to fetch an extra chair and move the sofa back a bit.

Damian P.

Watching this, I realized how Thatcher was able to push through her painful (though necessary) reforms with such relative ease. Just look who she was up against.

Say what you will about Tony Blair, but he was several orders of magnitude better than the mid-80s-era British left.



“Just look who she was up against.”

Quite. It boggles the mind to imagine just how wrecked and demoralised the country would have been in the hands of devout Socialist Neil Kinnock, or Michael Foot, or Tony Benn, or those even more devout, who openly spoke of “the class enemy.”



Great line: 'I was interested in free speech… I was a Communist.'

phantom menace

David, thanks for posting this too. Amazing stuff.

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