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Matt M

The music is supposed to get faster and faster as your blocks get closer to the top of the screen.


I don’t think the music does in fact get faster. It just feels like it does. But as someone who’s spent a few hours playing Tetris, it was strange watching the film. I kept feeling a distinct urge to intervene. “No, you fool, don’t move that way… Rotate! No, left!”

Or is that just me?


David said "Or is that just me?"



That’s a comfort.

Dan Collins

Imagine the horror if the music were Hot Butter's cover of Popcorn:


Oh wow. I found 79 versions of the damn thing.

And, yes, the Hot Butter rendition is included.

Matt M

"I don’t think the music does in fact get faster. It just feels like it does."

Hmmm, you might be right. But I'd swear that music would speed up if the stack of blocks started to get near the top of the screen.

Maybe someone could watch this all the way through and let me know:


Heh. Excellent. And you’ll notice the music *doesn’t* actually get faster as the game progresses, even as our hero reaches a score of 999,999 on level 20. (Imagine the tempo if it did, especially as newer versions have, I think, a top score of 9,999,999.) Though the fact it *feels* as if it gets faster is surely part of the infernal genius of it all.


I have the original vinyl LP version of Hot Butter's Popcorn, but I s'pose that's hardly worth mentioning; after all, doesn't everyone?

There are some techno remixes at YouTube, I like this one best: ~ though, of course, it does sound much better when run though a Dolby DBX 500 low-frequency synthesizer.

De gustibus non est disputandum notwithstanding, I like to leave the DBX 500 on most of the time. It's really great for interviews with Henry Kissinger.

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