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January 20, 2008



That's one of the strangest things Ive seen in ages. Thanks David.


Yes, it’s intriguing and disquieting, for any number of reasons. I don’t think one should automatically dismiss the efforts to fathom what, if anything, was happening, but I should perhaps point out that Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann were apparently Scientologists, at least for a time, and Swann is the author of a book on supposed future events called “What Will Happen to You When the Soviets Take Over?”

Readers will, I think, draw their own conclusions.


Yeah, Extrsensory Perception is clearly possible. To perform ESP one needs to take a small amount of a neuroleptic drug(anti-psychotic), drink a few beers and use mental visualization to realign the human bodies psychic field.

In 1986 to about 1998 it was possible to go to a disco and use this technique to create a open pathway, space or uniform area through a crowd of people dancing casually to music.

Do other people know about it the answers is probable , Yes.
Why doesn't the public know? Well the verification of ESP may take some time for researchers to comphrend and study.

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