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February 08, 2008



are the fire balls for real?


I think so, and there’s an obvious way to find out. Though, again, caution is advised.

Edgar Governo

Thanks for the link! :)

I will note that my site isn't exactly a "compendium of science fiction timelines" by design, and there are a number of non-genre timelines linked there--it's just that sci-fi (and other genre fiction) tends to inspire more people to create timelines.

I'm open to timelines from all sorts of fiction, though...and if someone wants to create The Sopranos Timeline, or a Rocky Balboa Timeline, or a Great Expectations Timeline, I'll be happy to link to those, too. ;)

Rich Rostrom

The "timelines" link has vanished (as of 2/12/08). Wha' happen?

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