It Flies, I Tell You

Friday Ephemera

Hand held fireballs. Caution advised. // MIT sketching. With gravity and marbles. // Octopus amour. // 100 beauties of Tokyo. A bevy of geisha. (h/t, Coudal.) // A hitchhiking photo-diary. New York to Alaska. // World’s smallest dice. // Online craps. // Tank mishaps. // Rebecca Bynum on Yvonne Ridley. // Andrew Bostom on European anti-Semitism. “Muslims are responsible for half of the documented Anti-Semitic incidents on the European continent.” // Ibn Warraq on why the West is best. // Robert Bussard on inertial electrostatic confinement fusion. (h/t, Samizdata.) More. // Birth of the microwave oven. // Why Study Science? (1955) // “Cloverpuppy want to live!” // Cloverfield synopsis. // Science fiction versus the Statue of Liberty. // Manhattan, unmolested. By Matthias Sanne. // A compendium of science fiction timelines. // Turkey, seen from a height of 1000ft. (h/t, Dark Roasted Blend.) // Industrial culture photography. (h/t, Mick Hartley.) // Plants and typography. Together at last. // Alarming bugs. // Bugs that fight. // Canned cheeseburger. A miracle breakthrough. // How to get an egg inside a small bottle. // Derren Brown’s subliminal advertising. // And, via The Thin Man, there’s witchcraft afoot.