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February 22, 2008



The painted hand zebra is awesome.

Dutch Canuck

"Frozen with liquid nitrogen, then shot."

The phrase just jumped out at me. Many items outside the botanic could be subjected to the same process. Cabinet ministers, for example. Suggests itself as the basis of Damien Hirst's next exhibit...


After listening to "Chewy", I had to run a re-adjustment
algorithm on my musical karma space, so I listened to this:



Yes, it’s all very energetic, but It doesn’t really have the cheesy bubblegum aesthetic I was looking for. Wait a minute. There’s an idea. Cheesy bubblegum…


How 'bout Gummy Cheese Bubbles?
You can make them in your own nose,
if you sneeze with a mouthful of cheese.


Well that was lovely. I think you’re poo-pooing the idea a little too hastily. We could be onto something here. “Cheese and gum - together at last…!” And don’t underestimate the breath-freshening properties of a good ripe cheese.


Yes, by the light of morning I now see that I was indeed a little too hasty. Sorry about that. In addition to Shropshire Blue gum, may I interest you in some Appenzeller toothpaste, perhaps a little Tomme de Montagne mouthwash, or maybe a Munster mint?


It occurs to me upon rereading my previous comment that I may have come across as unintendedly sarcastic. To be clear, I am in *favour* of Shropshire Blue gum, Appenzeller toothpaste, Tomme de Montagne mouthwash, and Munster mints. Sorry about any confusion I may have caused.


I have a proposed theme song for our cheese-o-mint campaign:


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