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March 17, 2008



On a similar theme http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com/


It's certainly a very exotic read for a white non-American :D


From SWPL:

“Published in 2000, No Logo has been responsible for more white person enlightenment than any book since the burning of the library at Alexandria. By reading this one magic book, white people are able to get a full grasp on the evils of multi-national corporations and then regurgitate it to friends and family.

Advanced white people will supplement No Logo with a subscription to AdBusters, where they will learn how to subvert corporate culture and return it to the masses. Specifically, this means taking ads and redoing them to give a negative message about a product. Apparently the belief is that when other people see this ad, they will be hit with an epiphany that their entire existence has been a Matrix-style manufactured universe…

When engaging in a conversation about corporate evils it is important to NEVER, EVER mention Apple Computers, Target or Ikea in the same breath as the companies mentioned earlier. White people prefer to hate corporations that don’t make stuff that they like.”


mr shifter

so true bout Ikea.
i lived in west didsbury (media-luvvie liberal central) in south manchester for 10 years, and almost all the 30-45yr old people i knew there were Ikea obsessives.
also happens to be a guardian/independant-readers pavement-cafe paradise.
are these things related?
im glad i moved away.

Matt M

Ikea - the acceptable face of Scandinavian imperialism!



I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve seen a burly World of Warcraft dwarf singing “I-Kee-ahhh!”

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