Friday Ephemera
Burgers and Explosions


Matt M

Have you seen the appearance on Letterman:


I like Baltar’s new “Arthur Dent” look. Maybe it’s some kind of cross-franchise thing.

Oh, look. Another preview:

John Costello

The honey haired woman poining the accusing finger at No. 6 is D'Anna Biers, played by Xena's Lucy Lawless, although the D'Anna model Cylon's wer e all shut down by Brother Cavil. 6 of the 12 are Cylons.


"The honey haired woman poining the accusing finger at No. 6 is D'Anna Biers"

Nope, it's a new Six played by Tricia Helfer.,,20169703,00.html


And, for comparison, here’s da Vinci’s original:


In case you missed it there's also an double length episode released on DVD called Razor. I liked it.



I thought Razor was okay, but essentially padding to fill the gap until season four. On the whole, it makes explicit what’s already pretty much implied and I think it suffers from stepping outside the main story arc. And the flashback ‘old school’ cylons seemed to undercut the drama and sense of threat. One of those ideas that seems much better on paper. It’s the whole prequel thing, which is rarely necessary. Though Cain was fun, again, and I’m sure the Thrill of Interspecies Lesbianism kept many viewers intrigued.


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