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April 22, 2008



Jesus, that Milne column above the comments is seriously twisted.


Yes, it’s a piece of work, though not unusual. I’m no great fan of Ed Husain*, whom Milne berates at length, but you do have to marvel at some of Milne’s reasons for not liking him:

“Husain has, meanwhile, compared Hamas to the BNP…”

Poor Hamas. It’s positively libelous. Actually, the comparison is, if anything, slightly unfair to the BNP. (So far as I know, the BNP manifesto doesn’t yet stretch to explicitly genocidal ambitions.)

“…and defended the government’s decision to ban the leading Muslim cleric Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi from Britain because he had defended Palestinian suicide attacks. Whatever else that amounts to, it’s scarcely a voice of moderation.”

Eek. Not wishing to play host for a second time to a deranged and sadistic bigot who endorses the killing of gay people and random mass murder, including the murder of children, is, in MilneWorld™, an immoderate position. Qaradawi’s own position is however perfectly acceptable. He is, after all, “a leading Muslim cleric.” Such is MilneLogic™.

*See here: http://davidthompson.typepad.com/davidthompson/2007/11/act-casual-say.html


David says "It’s a strange moral landscape at the Guardian, and frequently disgusting. Yet it’s hard to look away." With Milne, not for me. I have to look away. What is the point in engaging with people who have no sense of reality. And I get very angry....which doesn't do my blood pressure any good.



“What is the point in engaging with people who have no sense of reality?”

I don’t think there is much point trying to engage someone like Milne in a realistic discussion. That’s not what he’s about. Refutation and correction have no discernible effect on his subsequent opinions, which remain eerily unchanged. He seems to be a propagandist and dissembler. I think the term is memebot. I suppose the one positive thing about Milne’s commentary - and the fact it’s endorsed by the mainstream organ of the British left - is that it shows how a political orientation can easily become a matter of pathology and a wilful, inexcusable, denial of reality. You can’t often change the nature of the beast, but you can let others know that a beast is there.

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