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May 23, 2008



I like the bulb garden. In fact I'm going to try that.

And the gem sweaters are stunning. :)


And you’ll notice the sweaters have names, too. “Flutter Young”, “Caption Space” and “Lava Grandae”. It’s a whole new level of conceptual fashion.

John D

"Michael Moore apparently does not understand – or refuses to acknowledge – the moral distinction between a man who would murder innocent people, and a man who would sacrifice himself to save them."

Damn right.


Moore rarely allows reality to get in the way of his worldview. As I recall, he was claiming that Ba’athist thugs and jihadists were the heroic “resistance” to U.S. “imperialism” - even when these “heroes” were using booby trapped dolls to target Iraqi children. (The idea being that the exploding dolls would be mistaken for the toys handed out by US soldiers. A nice touch and, of course, very heroic.)



Re microwaved CDs:

"Temporal and Spatial Aspects of Microwave Excitation of Compact Disks" by J. E. Chilton, M. L. Keeler and J. B. Boffard, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin.



That.... Voice... Over... of... Cities... At... Night... Was... Very... Slow...


You still reek of Trotskyism (and entryism, I might add), if it hasn't been mentioned recently.

The photos of the Soviet Union were fascinating, thanks for the link. Notice the percentage of happy smiling women to men; marching one's (entirely male) workplace and ideological competitors off to the Gulags, it is no wonder broads have historically voted Bolshie in each and every nation since.



If I may speak for him, I think David shares a certain fascination with the USSR as I do. You most likely are joking, as who could oppose such a fascination? It is nostalgic, whimsical, horrific, terrible (in the sense of awe), and even uplifting in the sense that the USSR did things on a massive scale. In the case of their space program, it epitomizes the very best of the human desire to explore and reach for the next branch up, even if it lies in space.

Also, the USSR (and the Russian Federation) have one of the most stirring national anthems of all time. Hearing it makes me want to go out and kill Fascists.


Obviously, I’m going to have to find an emoticon that denotes the precise level of irony.


How about this? http://typophile.com/node/28817 ( .~ )


Is there NOTHING that Bicarb cannot do?


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