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May 19, 2008


John D

LOL. "Bicarbonate of Soda (baking soda). This is amazing stuff. Not only can you use it in cooking, and around the house for cleaning, it's also a very effective, cheap and natural deodorant." And it works on grease fires, carpets and drains.


"Can baking soda curb global warming?"



Ah. From Norway, a partial solution to the whole uphill cycling and sweat thing…


I’m guessing it’s powered by love. That, or baking soda.


"Thankfully, there are numerous eco-conscious personal hygiene products to fret over..."

Luckily, there seems to be no Mrs Finn to contribute to this column, or we might have to face the horror of the 'Mooncup':



I’m now going to soak my eyes in bleach. It reminded me of this:

“Although family cloth discussions are a hot topic on green and eco-friendly chats lately, most people are not familiar with the family cloth or its use. Even among very green households the family cloth creates controversy. The purpose of the family cloth is to reduce the waste created by toilet paper.”



This kind of eco-freakiness strikes me more as narcissistic need to feel good about yourself and be seen doing good than about actually doing good. Also, the mandatory super-dense communities they wish to mandate so we can all partake of the bicycle utopia look like the narcissist's need to control others and make them more like themselves.


Speaking of narcissism…



That Mooncup link...

"It just makes so much sense."

No. No it does not.


What’s interesting – insofar as such a thing can be – isn’t so much the actual, um, device, but the excuses made for using it despite its inefficiency. Thwarting those Evil Corporations™ is high on the list as a reason to persevere, along with being fearless about one’s personal odour. (I hadn’t realised that being whiffy downstairs is in fact a radical assertion of progressive womanhood.) This triumphant enthusiasm is immediately followed by an admission that although the item doesn’t exactly leak as such, a more conventional product may be needed at night and the empowering alternative may require, um, emptying every hour. Still, it’s the gesture that counts - right, ladies?


"Still, it's the gesture that counts - right, ladies?"

Lol. No, it most certainly isn't.


"Still, it's the gesture that counts - right, ladies?"

Oh, hell no!!

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