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May 01, 2008



Must make more popcorn....!

"Phobias, prejudice and oppression become whatever the Designated Victim Group, or its representative, says they are..."

But what to do when the favoured groups turn on each other...?



Ah, then we must resort to Victimhood Poker.


Also known as the Pyramid of Oppression.


Man Born Man

Wow. That's a lot of healing and feeling. C'mon. Group hug.

Sir Henry Morgan

One of my brothers is a psychiatrist. Do you think he might be able to help them out?

Didn't think so ... too far gone.


Sir Henry,

Ah, rookie’s mistake. See, you don’t have “the perspective necessary to make that distinction.” And “it’s not your call as to what an appropriate response is.” Only members of The Tribe are entitled to judge their behaviour.

wayne fontes

I'm all way's struck by how the designated victim's groups seem to have no awareness that they are a minority group seeking to impose their will on the majority. I wonder just how many trans-gendered persons are we talking about? The feminists right to exclude who they see fit from their gathering is no different than the trans-gendered folk's right to exclude who they want to from their camp. What would the reaction have been if a group of straight men sought to attend the festival?

Look at the Seal Press fiasco. I assume that Seal Press is a small boutique firm publishing for the relatively small third wave feminist market. Amanda Marcotte's book currently stands at #25,000 on Amazon's all time best seller list. I'm guessing the total sales will be less than 40,000 copies. Marcotte has a following and a name. Seal Press is being criticized for not publishing "Women of Color" feminist. So after paying for diversity training and and committing their two editors to finding and publishing a WOC feminist do you think Seal Press will make enough money on the book to buy breakfast? I doubt it.


"But what to do when the favoured groups turn on each other...?"

Sell popcorn.


Cue music. http://www.geocities.com/televisioncity/studio/6546/Wavs/fightm.wav

R. Sherman

Further to Julia's comment, Ms. Marcotte’s site has been one titanic "Clash Of The Oppressed"(TM) this entire election cycle, with commenters and the sites authors arguing about the relative merits of race and gender. It almost seems as if they wish their designated "messiah" to be crucified so as not to jeopardize the hallowed status of victim.




Your cute festival communique, shortened:

"I deeply desire healing in our communities...through segregation."

The comment seems to suggest that 'communities' must first be made hermetic in order for any "healing" to take place.

Interesting thesis, that!


The U.S. Presidential choosing-dance provides us with many examples of the aggrieved parties jockeying for position. The tussle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton showcases the troubles. Shannon Drury of the Minnesota Women's Press asks us to imagine a "Pro-Vagina World."

"I realized that I wanted a woman to be the nominee much more than I thought. I wasn’t satisfied with Obama, who is not white. He’s still a guy, and I am sick of guys.

Yet when I announce this, I am accused of being not only sexist but racist. No, I don’t mean me personally, mostly because I am too mousy to stand up in the public square and talk about how sick I am of men in power (though my supportive husband encourages this). I should defer to the royal “we” here, because when Gloria Steinem wrote about the subject in a widely read opinion piece in the New York Times, you better believe my heart sang. (...)

By all accounts, Barack Obama is almost as cool a guy as my husband and son. If he’s the Democratic Party nominee, I will happily support him. But these days when I see him on camera, I’m always peeking over his shoulder, thinking: Hmm, that Michelle Obama is one smart and accomplished woman. Why didn’t she run? Damn.

Is wanting a woman to run the show selfish? Yes. I acknowledge that it is. So is wanting 50 percent of the members of Congress and at least three more Supreme Court justices to be women. I also want 50 percent of the parents watching their kids at the park to be men. I want what any parent wants. I want a pro-vagina world for both of my children."

What exactly a Pro-Vagina World™ is, or what its benefits would be is left to our imaginations.



I particularly like the idea that by daring to explain *why* you’ve arrived at a particular judgment regarding The Tribe’s behaviour, you’re being “disrespectful” and compounding the original sin of daring to disagree. This outrageous temerity is, clearly, an attempt to de-legitimise the Sacred Whinging™ and thus oppress The Tribe. Think of the feelings that are being crushed. Think of the tears. Strange how quickly passive-aggressivism became so fashionable.


That’s far too much vagina for my taste. In these parts we say “lady garden”. And we say it very quietly.

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