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That Paranormal “We”


Now here’s a thing. Pixeloo has produced a striking, indeed alarming, rendering of a certain cartoon patriarch. Click image for full effect.


The artist adds,

These aren’t studies of what Homer would look like if he was a real person; it’s just what a cartoon like Homer would look like if he kept his toon proportions but had realistic texturing and lighting.

Slightly less disturbing are the renderings of Mario and Jessica Rabbit. The “untooning” process can be seen here.


John D

Aarrgh! Is there any way I can unsee that?


Time travel, perhaps. Failing that, some kind of retinal bleach?

Alice H

So if Angelina Jolie was your main reference image for Jessica Rabbit, who was your main reference image for Homer?


It's reminding me of Bruce Willis.


Except for the eyes, he actually looks sweet. Now I wonder how Marge and the rest of the family would look. Would the kids' hair be skin since it is the same color with no delineation from their heads?

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