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July 20, 2008




Freud was not a scientist. His writings not at all scientific. There's more science in cheesy self-help books like "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" (and pop psychologists are from Uranus).

Freud's greatest books, "Civilization and its Discontents", and "The Future of an Illusion", are general musing on society and culture. They're closer to books like Frazer's "Golden Bough", I suppose.

Freud's greatest influence may be in the areas of public relations and advertising, thanks to his cousin, Edward Bernays:


As fro Marx, Leszek Kolokowski points out the following. When preparing the second edition of "Capital (vol 1)", Marx decided to update the statistics from the first edition. But there was a problem. It was absolutely central to the argument of the book that the real wages of the proletariat would fall. Every statistic Marx could find showed that they were, in fact, rising. So what did Marx do? He updated all the other statistics, but left the wage statistics the same as in the first edition. Any modern economist caught cheating with the statistics like that would be in serious trouble.



“Freud was not a scientist. His writings [are] not at all scientific.”

I’m pretty sure that’s Mick’s point. It’s largely grandiose, often ludicrous, myth-making, which for some reason has had lingering appeal in certain quarters. And much the same could be said of Marx.

Welcome back, by the way. We hadn’t seen you for a while.


Thank you, David

There was a bit of a "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" row going on here. I thought I better keep my head down!


Yes, I did get more than I bargained for with that one. Or was it less than I bargained for? Either way, it surprised me. And still it rumbles on…



Texas has it right. Shoot the SOB

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