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Friday Ephemera

The American Family Association experiences technical difficulties. // Sweden’s classroom esteem police. // Excuse me, sir - do you have any cigarette in your marijuana? // Medical mannequins. // Kubrick. // Abandoned hotels. (h/t, Things.) // Impressive swimming pools. (h/t, Coudal.) // Pencil sculptures. // A very large drawing. (h/t, 1+1=3.) // The Metzo School, Doetinchem. // Undersea internet cables. // The Amazon bookstore browser. With virtual shelves and everything. // Vintage comic book covers. // Vintage gay paperback covers. // Porn for the blind. (sfw) // Two decades of party flyers, 1987 - 2007. // Hey, mobile DJ. // 120 years of electronic music. // Faces and pocket contents, scanned. (h/t, Quipsologies.) // Octopus jewellery. Precious tentacles. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Ms Greta Keller.


John D

"After the race, Homosexual and Dix looked at each other and slapped palms, then hugged." :)


The Greta Keller song is lovely. Very Marlene Dietrich.

Andrew Milner

Daily Telegraph gave publicity to this story in its Blogs several days ago, ridiculing fundamental Christianity. I’m up for a bit of that. Making innocuous words taboo does have a down side, as the Telegraph now realise, as they obscenity screening changes the word ass into ***. And Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an ***. So hoisted with your own petard, DT. Bury me upside down so the world can kiss my donkey.


The pencil sculptures are neat.


If you're feeling bored I'm sure you can have some fun with this.



Thanks, I saw. As a source of confused, tedious, half-thought-out ideas, the Guardian rarely fails to deliver. I find it’s best approached with ironic detachment. Otherwise, one could go ever so slightly mad. As, apparently, many readers and contributors do.


Re porn for the blind:
"It does seem like they might want the recordings to be a little more like obscene phone calls, and a little less like directions on how to make a spinach quiche." :)

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