Friday Ephemera

House Rules

Some guidelines for comments, for newcomers.

I ask only that people are reasonably civil – despite appearances, this is a classy joint. The “reasonably” bit allows plenty of leeway for barbs and pith, but needlessly vile personal remarks will be deleted. As a general rule, address the writing, not the writer, and bear in mind I have a low boredom threshold. Spitting, biting and heavy petting are ill advised, and if anyone is caught dealing drugs, the house takes 20%.



Oh-oh. Someone crossed the line. I bet it was Georges. ;)

Stephen Keating

But when I searched "food fight", I got this place. Do you give a receipt for the 20%?


Did I say 20%? I meant 30, obviously.

Old Pal

Wouldn't it be easier to just ban broads when men are talking politics?

I'm not being facetious. Your largely male readership probably isn't very impressed with your misplaced scolding and will likely take their eyeballs elsewhere. All because you want to treat an adult female like a porcelain doll; is it worth it?


Do feel free to bugger off.


"All because you want to treat an adult female like a porcelain doll..."

Pfft! I hear in certain clubs in Soho, it's the other way around...


Although that's surely a vice unknown to our esteemed blog host, before anyone gets the wrong idea..!

But it must be now almost mainstream, having featured in 'Marie Claire:


Does the house get a percentage of any prostitution? If so how large? =D



Oh my. A “silent soulmate”. Well, at least it’s not vinyl. I mean, that would be tacky.

Mary Jackson

"...barbs and pith"

What about taking the pith?



Alas, I arrived too late to participate in a thread that had more highs and lows than a roller-coaster. I shall not try to re-open that debate here, except to note that Ms. Benson showed amazing staying power. Someday I would like very much to have an exchange with her about Why Truth Matters, but that is, at this point, just a fantasy.

But I do want to second your statement that this is a classy joint. This post isn't scolding, it's a call for civility when incivility was starting to invade. Well, rather, when it had almost secured a beachhead.

I'm wrestling with a bit of that at my place. Topic: abortion. The battle of the genders has many fronts, and is always intense.

Bravo, in any case, and I shall try to be a more regular guest from now on. I missed a great opportunity for a contribution: I shall try not to let that happen again.


Dr Dawg,

“I shall try to be a more regular guest from now on.”

See? This is what happens when people are tardy.

Old Pal probably didn’t see the comments I deleted prior to closing the “Female Privilege” thread. It isn’t a matter of treating anyone like a porcelain doll; it’s about commenters being mindful of the fact they’re guests here. I did ask nicely, twice, before reluctantly disabling comments on that particular post. Still, it’s interesting how one person seemed to become a kind of lightning rod for any number of complaints.

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