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Comedy of Manners



Why are all these monstrously tall buildings being built in Muslim countries? Islamic supremacism. Under Sharia, no non-Muslim building can be taller than a Muslim building, the better to remind the dhimmi of the superiority and grandeur of his overlords. Since such dominance cannot be expressed directly it must be expressed by proxy.


While this - along with some of the other recent skyscrapers - is impressive, it's nowhere near as heart-stoppingly beautiful as the buildings in New York. Nor, of course, is the place where they're building it.



Well, when completed the structure will house luxury apartments, hotels and an enormous - and no doubt decadent - shopping mall. So if, as you suggest, it’s a matter of prideful piety, I’m not sure who’d be having the last laugh. Actually, I think it’ll be lovely rather than “monstrous,” and certainly impressive. Though I think the Chrysler Building – a mere 318m - is still deeply agreeable.


I knew I'd been there before



The Guild of Evil™ will, naturally, be viewing the penthouse as a possible base of operations.

John D

"The UK's Hyder Consulting is designing a structure that will be twice as tall as the Burj Dubai… Kingdom Holding Company has proposed a skyscraper in Saudi Arabia's Jeddah, the Mile High Tower, which would rise to 1,600m if completed."

That's the one you want David. One mile straight up.


If it really IS to be a mile high, shame it's in a Muslim country. Think of the poor couples longing to join the Mile High Club, yet scared of flying...!


Ah, yes, I saw. But will it be built in time? I mean, a guy can’t wait forever to rain destruction on his enemies…

Matt M

I thought size wasn't supposed to matter?


You really shouldn’t listen to that short guy with the withered genitals.


Shreck: "Do ya think he's compensating fer somethin?"



They have a big building. Meh. Wish it was somewhere worth visiting.

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