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Zack Snyder recently announced that he’ll “feel he’s done his job” if his forthcoming film adaptation is a “three-hour advertisement” for the Watchmen graphic novel. While few will doubt Snyder’s visual fidelity, demonstrated in the first trailer, cinema-goers may be hoping for more than just a nine-figure advert, or a moving imitation of an “unfilmable” comic book. However, it seems Snyder has already done one part of his job months before the film is released, with the New York Times reporting

The film trailer for Watchmen is proving to be a considerable boost to sales of the graphic novel the movie is based on. “As far as we can tell from our conversations with the book industry people, there has never been a trailer that did this,” said Paul Levitz, the president and publisher of DC Comics, which has printed 900,000 additional paperback copies of the novel since the trailer began running in mid-July. The book, about a conspiracy to discredit and murder a group of superheroes, was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, and has been on the best-seller lists of, USA Today and The Washington Post. Mr. Levitz said Watchmen would have a print run of more than a million copies this year. Last year it sold about 100,000.

Moore is famously disenchanted with Hollywood adaptations of his comics, and not without cause, but he now has about a million reasons not to mind too much.


“Arrghh! Royalties!”