Let’s Play Bamboozle!

Friday Ephemera

Toe Jam. Amusing nakedness. Let it load. (Low-res version here.) // CERN rap. The Large Hadron Collider gets superfly. // LHC centrefolds. (h/t, Andy.) // The mathematics of origami. // More wall-climbing robots of note. // Photographs of Iceland. // Britain, from above. With GPS ‘trails’. // A bubble map of Olympic medals. // The Hand Drawn Map Association. (h/t, Coudal.) // The Egyptian Unique Moustache Association. See if you can spot where it stops being funny. // An interview with Geert Wilders. Michael Buerk, aghast, repeats usual guff. // Calligraphy with light. // Lightmark. // Total solar eclipse, China. // Japanese sex museums. // When viruses get sick. // More ancient cities of colour. // Bug sculptures. How to make your own. (h/t, Drawn!) // One man and his dog. // Give yourself elf ears. // Martha Nussbaum kicks sand in the face of Judith Butler. // Then Peter Risdon swipes her towel. “It is always a pleasure to read a self-refuting argument.” // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Ms Marlene Dietrich.