Let’s Play Bamboozle!

Friday Ephemera

Toe Jam. Amusing nakedness. Let it load. (Low-res version here.) // CERN rap. The Large Hadron Collider gets superfly. // LHC centrefolds. (h/t, Andy.) // The mathematics of origami. // More wall-climbing robots of note. // Photographs of Iceland. // Britain, from above. With GPS ‘trails’. // A bubble map of Olympic medals. // The Hand Drawn Map Association. (h/t, Coudal.) // The Egyptian Unique Moustache Association. See if you can spot where it stops being funny. // An interview with Geert Wilders. Michael Buerk, aghast, repeats usual guff. // Calligraphy with light. // Lightmark. // Total solar eclipse, China. // Japanese sex museums. // When viruses get sick. // More ancient cities of colour. // Bug sculptures. How to make your own. (h/t, Drawn!) // One man and his dog. // Give yourself elf ears. // Martha Nussbaum kicks sand in the face of Judith Butler. // Then Peter Risdon swipes her towel. “It is always a pleasure to read a self-refuting argument.” // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Ms Marlene Dietrich.


John D

elf ears -- owch.


I prefer falsies. http://www.halloweencostumes4u.com/prods/rub68784.html

Horns are good too. http://www.halloweencostumes4u.com/prods/rub68833.html


And you do have to respect a woman with a horn.


The "Lightmark" link is down.


Hm. It was working first thing this morning. Some of the Lightmark images are reproduced here:




Thanks David. Very nice.


Now you're plugging Geert Wilders? Sheesh.



I wasn’t “plugging” Wilders. I’ve expressed my opinion of him and his film, Fitna, elsewhere:


What caught my attention was Michael Buerk’s repetition of the standard PC evasions – conflating race and ideology, for instance, or mentioning the “bloodcurdling” passages of the Old Testament as if they were a credible analogue of jihad and the mainstream Islamic institutions that advocate it. Buerk’s comparison, which is repeated widely and often, is glib and betrays an ignorance of Islamic theology, law and history. (See link below for some examples and rebuttals.)


Buerk refers to Wilders as an extremist with extreme opinions, but in many respects Buerk’s own assumptions are scarcely less extreme. They’re just extreme and commonplace – practically a default - and thus less widely noted.

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