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Friday Ephemera

8-metre section of wall rotates for art, causes terrible draught. A snip at £450,000. // Repairing brickwork with Lego. // Jeff Koons’ topiary puppy. // Robot wildlife. I like the owl. // Robotic legs help paralysed walk. // Wrapping asteroids in space. (h/t, The Thin Man.) // How to get rid of things. Stains, smells, mental problems. // Market research for panhandlers. (h/t, Clazy.) // Signs from the Tokyo metro. (h/t, Coudal.) // Sixties’ Batman, rendered in typography. // Build your own Batmobile. // Al Dente. A short film about eating children. // Augmenting video with photographs. // The Touch of Evil opening. (h/t, Anna.) // Bathing suits of the 1900s. // What the Olympic diver saw. // Turntime. // Steve Reich: Sextet, 5th movement. // User interfaces of note. (h/t, Things.) // More musical toys. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Ms Julie London.