Blame and Boilerplate

Positively Radiant

Ladies, there’s been a miracle breakthrough. Mary Huang creates “transformative fashions” - specifically, luminous knitwear

Radiant Radiant_2 Radiant_3 Radiant_4

Readers with “a sense of magic and mystery” can own a scarf and dress embedded with two dozen LEDs. Thankfully, both items can be powered by batteries or from the mains for extra fabulousness. And, as Ms Huang points out, “When not being worn, the pieces double in function as lamps, avoiding the fate of hanging neglected in a closet.”



Powered from the mains? One can only imagine the consequences of an average pissed British slapper being wired up to the mains and with a pint of lager or lambrusco in her hand. Rubber boots may not look so chic, but I'd recommend them.

Squid Vicious

There's something undeniably attractive about a woman dressed for night-time highway safety. That's my girl: fashionable, sexy, and visible from 60' in both lanes of traffic.


That's not a Christmass tree, it's my wife, fool.

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