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September 02, 2008


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We have to walk a very thin, nuanced line here. On the one hand, we must engage constructively with governments like Iran and Syria, without demonizing them as "evil" "dictatorships". Their populations rightly hate us because, while their governments may be unpopular, they don't need us telling them so.

On the other hand, we must stop supporting those evil dictatorships which we enable by working with them (Egypt, for example). Their populations rightly hate us because we support their unpopular governments.


It’s one thing to suggest pragmatic tact or to point out inconsistencies in our dealings with other states - most of which are the result of what’s plausible or pragmatic rather than what’s ideal - but the Observer editorial seems informed by something else. The assumptions are, I think, rather different, and much less edifying.


If we stopped subsidizing Egypt to the tune of several billion a year we would be hated for starving them to death. This kind of lefty game is one you can't win, so we shouldn't bother playing.


So because we don't or can't help everyone we shouldn't say democracy is better than tyranny? Because… what? It will embarrass Communists and dictators?


It's typical leftist racism: democracy is only for white people.


Why would anyone in China or Russia agitate for the self-loathing liberalism advocated by the Observer?

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