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September 26, 2008


carbon based lifeform

Oh my god. The kickboxing clip! How do I unsee that?!


legs aren't supposed to bend like that-- are they?


"Polonius is no longer online." :)


"legs aren't supposed to bend like that-- are they?"

It's not a good sign. And eeewww.

Baltar's Beard

"There were times when Satan tempted me to use my left hand, so in order to put an end to this altogether... I take my left hand and place it under my left leg. That's it, it's stuck. It won't come out."



It had never occured to me that table manners involved sitting on one hand. And I’m glad the kickboxing mishap is getting, er, noticed. I was told we don’t have enough sports coverage hereabouts.


Angels don't eat. If Satan eats, it must owe to his fallen condition. It is not enough to eat with the right hand. To be a good Muslim, one must not eat at all.

Brian H

"I was told we don't have enough sports coverage hereabouts."

There's nanosoccer too. It's a sport-heavy ephemera.


I want a planetarium in my bathtub


“I want a planetarium in my bathtub.”

It doesn’t look quite as thrilling as I’d been led to believe. And it does seem to involve clutching a modesty towel while immersed. I’m guessing it’s a rubber towel, too, in case of untoward electrical mishaps.


My leg hurts just watching that kick-boxing clip

Rich Rostrom

I noted something in that breast-milk ice cream report. The TV "reporter" stated that Vermont has 153,000 dairy cows producing almost 3 million pounds of milk per year. That would be less that _20_ _pounds_ per cow per year.

I don't think so.

Wiki sez the average U.S. cow produces 8,800 kg (almost 20,000 pounds) per year. IOW, the reporter was off by a factor of 1,000, and never noticed it. Nor did any of his colleagues. Ah, the "professional" news media, with their layers of fact-checking!

Man Born Man

Where can I get a rubber towel?

The Thin Man


Try "Bed, Bath & Behind" or if they're out of stock this would probably work: http://www.westwardbound.com/products/products_detail.aspx?i=11230&pdr=%2fproducts%2fdefault.aspx%3fsq%3dsheet


“Perfect for those who just can’t get enough rubber. A stunning experience.”

Blimey. But surely there’s a chafing issue? Perhaps they also sell some specialist talc?


just found this place. i like it.


Friday Ephemera: I saw the "Don't eat with your left hand" video. It's obvious who he's talking to: simpletons. Not children (though it's possible he's their equivalent of Mr Rogers), because he talks about going to important dinners. Just his average viewers: simpletons.

He delicately doesn't mention that the REAL reason for not using your left hand has to do with the fact that there's no toilet paper in the desert.

I don't think the bathtub planetarium will catch on over here. Not many of us turn the lights out.

I like my other idea: have the bathroom floor covered with a satellite image of the ground, with the scale set to a view from about 8,000 ft.

In the guest bathroom.

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