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September 24, 2008



Julie London - awesome!

carbon based lifeform

I'm now a fan of washboard sam. I'm diggin' his potatoes.

Brian H

Charles Trenet is scary.


It does have a slightly demented enthusiasm towards the end. Lovely, though.


Boum live video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0KWyWwVp0E

Horace Dunn

Anna, bless your heart.
I'm going through a difficult time at the moment. Nothing all that serious just the usual tiresome crap. When friends are in troubling circumstances I often prescribe "Boum!" in audio. But it is delightful to have visuals as well. My other prescription for general misery is Noel Coward's "There are bad times just around the corner". It's surprisingly effective.


Chin up, old bean. You’re always welcome here.

Horace Dunn


Thank you for that kind message (if indeed it was directed at me). As I said: nothing serious. Nothing that a quick blast of Trenet won't fix, at least. Mind you, some of the other threads you've set up could break man's heart. There are a lot of silly people about, and I thank you for shining a light upon their stupidity.

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