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Oh. My. God.

The Thin Man

Ras H Tafari. We should nuke the site from space. Its the ONLY way to be sure.....


Blogged that right up.

I'm getting the big gun and 10 extra clips.

carbon based lifeform

"Leave Britney alone!"


What’s the phrase I’m looking for? Ah, yes. Emotional masturbation.


Don't they realize how many ticks they're disturbing?

Tom Jones

this is a joke, yes? if not, they are some sad shit-heads.

The Sanity Inspector

The attraction's obvious: Unlike ungrateful human minorities, trees can't tell the bong warriors to f! off and mind their own business. Look on the bright side, hippies: think of all the didgeridoos that tree can produce!


“This is a joke, yes?”

Oh, they’re quite real.!

They’re not all weeping lunatics, of course. Some are just insufferably smug:


One of the group says "I think we've lost our identity...". Well, that's for sure. Maybe not the only thing they've lost.


It’s interesting how so many believers from the Church of Marx found a new place of (self-)worship in “radical” environmentalism: “For the destruction of capitalism and the state.”


Is "hand me the gun. No, the bigger one" a line from a movie? I just put that clip up on my blog (with a link to here) and some of us are wondering.
Hilarious, anyway.

John D

"Earth First! (EF!) is a 'warrior society' that takes a 'by any means necessary' approach to 'defending mother earth.' The group declines to participate in the democratic process, preferring instead to damage, disable, and destroy the property of its ever-growing list of enemies. EF! targets include, but are by no means limited to, loggers, ranchers, and farmers -- especially those who grow genetically modified crops. Earth First!ers' crimes include assault, arson, and untold acts of sabotage.

Before he quit in the late 1980s, the driving force behind EF! was a man named Dave Foreman. His book Ecodefense: A Field Guide To Monkeywrenching is a how-to for environmental saboteurs. It includes nine chapters of instructions on subjects ranging from tree spiking to destroying roads, from disabling equipment to making smoke bombs. Rodney Coronado, an Earth First! zealot who was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison following a string of arsons, calls the book "our bible."


Grotesque sentimentality and self-righteous vandalism. A recipe for success, surely?

Perhaps we should hose these fantasist parasites into the sea, throw them a raft and point them towards an uninhabited island with plenty of trees and no trace of technology. There, unburdened by the trappings of capitalist society – medicines, clothes, general infrastructure, etc – they can forage in the dirt and wail themselves silly. Until they starve or die from pestilence.

Let’s put their bold vision to the test, shall we?


"There's enough material there for a whole conference".

Narcissistic preening wankers. "Look!! I'm crying over the tree! NO! Look AT ME, not him! Bwaaahhh."

My solution would be to tell them about a fallen tree in a forest somewhere, and then 'almost' cut down the surrounding trees so that they will fall over with only a slight push. The irony of them being killed by falling trees would not be lost on them.


Isn't that hippie's drum made out of wood? Murderer!


I like some of the (decidedly, er, un-PC - especially the last one) comments from the Break site, where the video is hosted:

"Funny. Now that I watch this again, I notice at :42 that even the chick that organized this is nearly puking over the freak that "cares". Damn funny. If a tree falls on a protester, and no one hears it (cuz' they're all screaming), does it really fall? Wait, I don't care. Tree huggers are why God created bears."

"How come there are never any hot hippie chicks? You would think there would be at least one, but no, they all look like Rocky Dennis."

"Where do these people come from? How is it hippies still exist? They are like gypsies that never die. But there must be a way to kill them. Maybe you have to severe the heads like on that highlander show. The whole immortal aspect would explain the funny smells. Maybe they are carrying the smells from thousands of years ago. Maybe the smell they carry is what the medieval times smelled like. Regardless we need to cut all of their heads off right away and bury them under trees."

"It'd be friggen sweet if right when that bitch startin crying some quads came ripping thru there, did a few doughnuts and threw beer bottles at them. And then one dude said "HEY I GOTTA PISS!" and whipped his junk out and commenced to urinating on the tree spelling out obama closest to the douche playing the jemba (AKA homo caller) and got a few sprinkels on him/ her. HA! that'd be sweet n spicy"

Shave the Forest

From the Earth First Journal:

"Presently, we are working toward only a radicalized version of the solutions presented in An Inconvenient Truth. Gore says, 'You, individual, can use more compact florescent light bulbs, reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and recycle.' We say, 'You, individual, can ride a bicycle, eat trash, give up things and even punish those who don't'…"

Punish people who don't eat trash. Radical, baby.


Yet another case where reality is so bizarre that mere parody is insufficient.


I can feel the tree. Can't you? The tree feels you, you should feel the tree. If not, hug tighter.


I wonder if it's occurred to these "eco-warriors" that they're likely causing hundreds of forest creatures to flee in terror every time they start their wailing.

Neil Reddin

It made me cry - not tears of sadness though.

Jonathan Dickson

But what if the trees don't speak English? JD.

Bill Woods

That's Robert Hughes, right? Is this an excerpt from some documentary?



Yes, it’s Hughes. It’s from episode three of a 1997 TV series called “American Visions”.

The whole series can be viewed here:

In the interview linked below, Hughes points out that the weeping hippies also “stunk like polecats”.


"'You, individual, can ride a bicycle, eat trash, give up things'"

OK love, come around here and give it a try. You never know, having some middle-class arrogant fascist ordering people around just might work. If it doesn't, the worst that will happen is that you acquire some freshly broken limbs.

Roger Thornhill

Loving trees while hating people is so utterly screwed up. This is why socialists are so at home in envirofascism.


The members of this group could use an enema


What is really astonishing is the total disconnect between the desires of many environmentalists and the policies they promote to achieve those outcomes. Take for example the oft repeated mantra to save paper and hence save a tree. Any fule kno that trees are planted because there is a demand for paper and that removing the demand will mean less trees are planted.

I once had a vegetarian (albeit she was a cheat) girlfriend who refused to acknowledge that universal veganism would result in cows and pigs being kept alive only in zoos.


Oh, poor hippies. They're sad. Enemas for all!

Dutch Canuck

After watching this, I immediately thought of something a blogger acquaintance said:

"The Environment? The environment is smelly, dirty and covered in flies. Pave it over and train polar bears to kill terrorists."

Horace Dunn

Back in the 1980s, The Young Ones satirised hippies effectively (and affectionately) with the characted of lentil-loving Neil ("No man, everyone knows that sleep gives you cancer"). This bunch makes Neil look intelligent and well-adjusted.

I've begun to wonder whether radical leftists (environmentalists, Islamists, communists, anti-globalisation campaigners etc) are in fact a step ahead of sensible people. One of the key weapons that we might use against people like this is ridicule. But how the devil do you satirise people like this? What ideological tick do you exaggerate? What logical inconsistency do you highlight?

I suppose that you just have to trust to the fact that showing them as they as they really are will undermine their credibility.

Well, let's hope.

P. Sieve

Tell the EarthFirst people to go tell it to Treebeard. LOL
JRR Tolkien saw the combustion engine as unfortunate. I agree and would like to see the prevalence of the electric car as breathing would become a little easier (if it used solar power, think also of the gas money you wouldn't spend). I would like to see more solar power being used. For no other reason that you wouldn't have to pay a hefty electric bill in the summer. I do love nature, though. I like reading about the Franciscans living in the woods. I wonder if these hippies do that or if they take gas-guzzling jets to protest nature violations.

I didn't agree with George Carlin on many things, but he was saying the Earth isn't going anywhere---we are! If the Earth saw as as any real threat it would shake us off like a bad case of the fleas. Well. that was personifying Earth quite a bit, but it does have the mechanisms to restore itself.

I do agree Marxism has the face of radical environmentalism. Marxism also had the goals of breaking up families and Christianity. Not everyone likes Christianity, I know, but Marxism has been shoved down throats in public schools of all kinds and even in some private, Christian schools by those trying to be "reasonable" and not seem archaic. They "burn" heretics who question their dogmas. Burning heretics was never an integral part of Christianity (as it is for Marxism), but that is how radicals portray Christianity and others of opposing organized religions and many "fellow travelers " and "useful idiots" now chant that mantra because what Marxism offers is the true opiate of the people--that which is pleasurable but is needed more and more. Christianity does have dogmas and so Marxism is a religion without a deity. If you remember Captain Planet, the cartoon, there was a goddess character named "Gaia". Captain Planet is a type of a messiah figure. Interesting. I have to wonder if Marxism was inspired by neo-pagans. Probably not, though, as they get into industry quite a bit, which sends up waste into the sky. It's interesting that environmentalists don't publicly denounce those countries. Maybe environmentalism really isn't about nature. For that matter, why aren't feminists knocking on the walls of China and Confucian nations that abort more girls than boys. There's another front for Marxism, Susan B. Anthony and colleagues disfavored.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism uses Gore's book and film as the source material for his taking apart of the radical environmentalists' BS and the minds behind it using what real scientists have said and the deceptive methods of radical environmentalists, many of whom see us as so much of a threat, they'll use overpopulation as a rationale for sterilizations, abortions, passing out condoms etc--usually in places with a lot of dark-skinned people. Where are the caring ones? They're only watching people getting fed and sighing happily, not realizing that Planned Parenthood is international and frequented mostly by the poor and dark, who are seen by those who head it as a drain on natural resources and money. The elites are the drain, but radical leftists running environmentalism are in the neighborhoods of those who are no drain and, in some countries, living off the land. The whole thing is a hoax, I think. Don't volunteer or donate to the U.N., the Masons, Rotary International or any other secret society (at the top levels). Send it to a local church outreach program or missionaries. Bother the limousine liberals about why they have so few windmill power generators and solar panels running their things.

Environmentalism is just another branch of the Marxist "Big Science", which is a branch itself of the NWO, reaching its tentacles around all facets of life. Honk for the Christians and those of any or no faith fighting this reeducating Marxist leviathan. Be informed by the informed. If you don't want to trust organized religion, don't trust the opponents of it either if you want to be consistent, but understand what service they provide when uncorrupt. Not all environmentalists are kooks and environmental awareness is a good counter to unchecked consumption of resources. Christianity has conservatives who are doing big services to people (like Mother Theresa) and not keeping them ignorant as a reliable voter base (like the Donkey Party) who won't realize they're missing some thousands of members every year in the abortion mills of the inner-city (of course, there are conservatives hiding the reasons for wars, but libertarians, who can stink sometimes, are there to bark about the stink when the GOP gets foolish or out of line).
Correct me if I'm wrong about anything said so far. I am a fan of Alex Jones' on just about everything and trust neither party, but the favorite party of the left, the least, because if who the part caters to. I could be trusting Jones too much. Even he could be an agent of disinformation, while others are the masterminds of our nightmares. Anyone can make anything "add up", but he does seem most reliable in the political scene.

So many are not ready for the information age, but I think they'd find these environmentalists incredulous.


"This rock… has the most incredible life."

Don't walk on the gravel! I feel its pain!

wayne fontes

If the (fill in your favorite apocalyptic scenario here) ever came to pass the first people to die off would be these eco-weenies. I can't help but to view them as parasites.

Jeff Y.

That is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time. I'm dying over here. That last outraged scream was just frakkin' hilarious.



Spurwing Plover

Weep for inanimate trees but not for the thousands of babies aborted each year WHAT A BUNCH OF SADISTS

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