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October 21, 2008


Baltar's Beard

Aaah! I'm blind!


You like Newsnight Review...?


God, no. I used to watch it, morbidly, but now I find it insufferable. It’s like bleeding out.

Francis Sedgemore

It could have been worse; at least she didn't flash her cunt as a form of revolutionary statement.

Now, David, assuming you are a middle-aged/old fart like most of us in the political blogosphere, what were you like in '68? I was then a snotty four-year-old getting on everyone's tits. Some would say there has been little development since, other than an advancing of the biological clock.


In ‘68? I was practically still glistening with womb fluids. So I wasn't like much at all.

Ploppy the Slopper

You mean this cunt?


Baltar's Beard

Aaah! I'm blind! Again!

Francis Sedgemore

"You mean this cunt?"

Now that was uncalled for!


I could have lived my entire life under molten sewage and still have been happy if I had not seen that photo.


"You may want to bite down on something."

Yes, my own windpipe.


Nobody down here (Australia)has taken Germaine seriously since the seventies.
Even on the left she's seen as a caricature. A publicity seeking narcicist that gets noticed by making outrageous statements. Kind of like the leftist equivelent of the shock-jock.


I have to second Jamie's comment, but I would also like to thank you Brits on behalf of all of us Down Under for taking her off our hands.


Wow. That was not just garbage, but annoying pretentious garbage. I find it hard imagine how you came across such a thing.

Steve in San Diego

Germaine Greer is a putz.


I liked it.

KB Player

I've only seen a short clip of that before in a documentary about GG. A brilliant satire on romantic love and female neediness. The film version of a couple of chapters of The Female Eunuch. Thanks for posting it.


A brilliant satire? Really? Not just pretentious unfunny horseshit?

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